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We Purchase Owner Financed Mortgage Notes

Private Mortgage Notes, or as they are sometimes known, Owner Financed Mortgage Notes, are mortgage-backed promissory notes that are the result of a seller of a single family home, condominium, multi-family residence or other residential or commercial building providing some degree of finance to the new buyer of the dwelling at the time of closing.  They can be for the full amount of the mortgage on the sale (first position notes) or can be for a portion of the mortgage (second position notes) behind a traditional first mortgage lender. 

 When cashing out your Private Mortgage Note, you can elect to...

  • Receive a Lump Sum of Cash for Your Mortgage Note
  • Sell Only a Percentage of Your Mortgage Note
  • Sell a Specific Number of Monthly Note Payments ( Called a Partial)
  • Any Combination of the Above

Historically, Private Mortgage Notes have been excellent investments but periodically, holders often find they do need to sell for a variety of reasons including...

  • Taking Dream Vacations and Exotic Travel
  • Educational and Re-training Expenses
  • Attractive New Investment Opportunities
  • Purchasing a New Dream Home
  • Estate Planning and Distributions
  • Starting a New Business Venture
  • Settling Legal Matters / Divorce
  • Financial Planning / Paying Off Debt
  • Paying Unforeseen Medical Expenses
  • Covering Expenses Due to Job Loss

Attention: Real Estate Professionals and For Sell By Owner Sellers!

In today's challenging real estate market and economy, Private Owner Financed Mortgage Notes are becoming more widely used and commonplace in real estate sales and can often provide the catalyst to get the deal done.  Many sellers would prefer not to hold mortgage paper for lengthy periods of time, and would rather sell their Real Estate Contract for a Lump Sum Cash Payment.  Before you structure your deal, think of your "exit strategy".  Contact us regarding how to make your Private Owner Financed Mortgage Note attractive for resale at a later date if necessary.

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