Get Lump Sum Cash for Gaming Awards & Lotteries

If you are the winner of a state sponsored lottery or if you have been fortunate to have won a casino jackpot payable in monthly installments and you would prefer a Lump Sum Cash Payment, our contract buyers at Highlands Management Services can help.  As the winner of a lottery or gaming jackpot you can...

  • Receive a Lump sum of Cash for Your Gaming Annuity
  • Sell Only a Percentage of Your Gaming Annuity
  • Sell a Specific Number of Monthly Payments (Partial)
  • Any Combination of the Above

As the winner of lottery or gaming award, Highlands Management Services  can assist you in quickly obtaining a lump sum cash settlement in place of your monthly installments. You can use this money for...

  • Taking Dream Vacations and Exotic Travel
  • Educational and Re-training Expenses
  • Attractive New Investment Opportunities
  • Purchasing a New Dream Home
  • Estate Planning and Distributions
  • Starting a New Business Venture
  • Settling Legal Matters / Divorce
  • Financial Planning / Paying Off Debt
  • Paying Unforeseen Medical Expenses
  • Covering Expenses Due to Job Loss

Our Buyers Provide Fast Cash...When You Need It Most!

At Highlands Management Services, our contract buyers are specialists in providing the maximum amount of cash for any annuity-styled award such as lottery awards, casino winnings, structured settlements, or even investment annuities.

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